What is Katoomie?

A Katoomie is an ornate object that once bestowed upon the eye of its intended owner instills a desire to admire, love, hold, keep and cherish.
Katoomie.com celebrates ornate, beautiful objects that have been created and crafted with great care and attention, with an obvious love of the subject matter. Such items of beauty find themselves in the hands of many owners, and some have lives longer than generations of the familes that have come to love them.
A Katoomie unlike other such objects can be expensive or inexpensive, It's the beauty of the object to the beholder that makes the object irresitable, regardless of price.
Katoomie.com offers a wide and varied collection of potential Katoomies for you to browse - or maybe you love someone enough to gift them your Katoomie to cherish.
Now that would be something!