Sending us an offer

Send us an offer, or some insight, and we will reward you with inclusion into our Friends of Katoomie VIP Programme - read on...

Some of our items are so unique and difficult to accurately determine a price, and we go with our best estimate. On such items that you think are too expensive, then send us an offer and we may have a deal. Find the item price (on the product page), simply click the "accepting offers" link below the price and send us your offer. All items currently accepting offers can be found by clicking here. (...a useful link we think you'll agree, well done for looking harder!)

We also ask if you think we have heavily undervalued an item and it's not a SALE item, then please let us know. We will reward you if the item realises the higher value to the tune of up to 10%, and also we will put you on our affiliates programme which include perks like getting on our 'collectors' mailing list - conisting of new items about to be go live (for sale online) which is sent out 24 hours before. 'Collectors' get to view and offer within this 24 hour period. Contact us for more detailed information.

Hope you enjoy your visit.