Friends of Katoomie - VIP Programme

To customers that show us loyalty, we will return the goodness with:

Standard members (sign up only - with marketing):

  • Email updates weekly for upcoming items.
  • Vouchers to spend on the Katoomie site sent out monthly.

VIP members (from Standard member to VIP with a few brownie points! - see below).

  • Adding you to the FK Collectors Early Bird email list for VIP members, where we release a mail shot offering first dibs for items about to come onto the site, recipients have 24hrs to put in an offer to buy before it goes live the next day. First come first serve basis.
  • Product percentage and price discounts.
  • Ticket for monthly prize giveaway.
  • Same perks as the Standard membership.


  • How do I get involved?

     There are a few ways to qualify.
    • Let us know if you think we have an item for sale which is under-priced, and if it sells at the higher price you get the pass.
    • Buying more than 5 items from
    • Assisting us by giving us information on our products - that's right, sometimes don’t know what we have got, what it’s made of, where it came from, who made it, etc,.. we are not experts (yet) and if you have any clues or ideas, please let us know. After you score a few brownie points we will welcome you on board the and reward you well.
    • We also offer discounts and vouchers for experts who can offer us batch or individual valuations.
    • First though! please sign up an account with us (sign up link also at top-left of screen) so we can verify you are human we will welcome you personally with 24 hours.

Drop us an email if you have any further questions.